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Explore this page to find out more about populations most affected by HIV, testing and counselling programmes, antiretroviral treatment, prevention programmes, barriers to prevention, funding and the future of HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe has the sixth highest HIV prevalence in sub-Saharan Africa, at 13.5% with 1.3 million people living with HIV in 2016.

Government restrictions mean this has not materialised.

More than half of all sex workers in Zimbabwe are living with HIV with a last recorded prevalence of 57.1% in 2016.

Of those who tested positive, half did not know they were infected and between 25% and 30% were accessing antiretroviral treatment.

Participants reported high rates of gender-based violence and police harassment, and their levels of prevention, treatment and care were limited.

Criminalising men who have sex with men drives this vulnerable group away from HIV services.

As a result, many do not know their HIV status, let alone access treatment.

I have made this change due to the fact that Ce SHHAR Zimbabwe is now mentioned in Zim’s GARPR report 2016 An estimated 720,000 women are living with HIV in Zimbabwe.It is estimated that only 66% of people living with HIV know their status.20 To increase testing rates, in 2015 Population Services International and UNITAID began a two-year project to scale up self-testing in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia.21 This project is focusing on places and people where access to testing is restricted such as rural areas and among female sex workers and men who have sex with men.Zimbabwe is part of the group of sub-Saharan African countries with the greatest access to antiretroviral treatment (ART), at more than 61% for adults.22 In fact, 5% of all people worldwide who began ART since 2010 were in Zimbabwe, showing that efforts to increase access are improving.Homosexual acts are illegal in Zimbabwe for men who have sex with men (sometimes referred to as MSM), but legal for women who have sex with women.As a consequence of this punitive law, national statistics are rarely available.

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