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Honestly, I might just pretend he’s a stranger if the cop knocks on this window. Plus, I now need a drink from this headache and sore muscles. Other parties may enjoy intellectual property rights over this image, as well.It is believed that the use of this image on the Haven Wiki, hosted on servers in the United States by the non-profit Wikia, Inc, qualifies as fair use under United States copyright law and fair dealing under the laws of the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia . First, I hit in on the ceiling, then the door, the ceiling again. I’m squished, my hair is knotty and I can’t breathe.

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It should therefore be considered Syfy's intellectual property. Half a person can lay comfortably in the back of a car so there’s no way two people are going to have enough room to move around. And I can’t move away from the seatbelts without falling off the edge of this seat. If we stop completely and rearrange, it ruins the moment. There’s probably a seatbelt in my mid-back and another one digging into my neck. I want to switch positions, but how do I do this gracefully? I’m just glad that the days I didn’t have a parent-free place to hook up are behind me. It’s a great fantasy and usually a major disappointment… Here’s the thoughts that cross a girl’s mind when she realizes it is not what she was expecting.

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