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He purportedly falsified the date on his birth certificate as a young child to apply for a passport.

Tajikistan’s media licensing committee routinely denies licenses to independent and foreign media outlets or otherwise obstructs the licensing process.

No member of an independent media outlet has ever been included in the committee, which retained its closed structure and nontransparent practices in 2015.

Although a number of new local radio and television stations began broadcasting during the year, it was unclear how they had obtained licenses.

Tajik journalists claim that state-run media outlets often carry fabricated content designed to smear them or political opposition figures.

Political Environment: 32 / 40 The government actively works to control the media environment, employing various forms of pressure to advance its political interests.

Most print publications are circulated on an irregular schedule.

The broadcast sector is dominated by state-controlled national television stations that praise President Rahmon and deny coverage to independent or opposition points of view, as evidenced during the 2015 parliamentary elections, when several IRPT campaign ads were banned from the air based on technicalities.

The information provision strengthened Tajikistan’s existing access to information law by reducing the deadline for officials to respond to a request from one month to three days.

However, the law is poorly structured, little known by the public, and virtually ignored by officials.

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    A state-level meeting of all labour unions would be held in Pune in the next three weeks to decide the further course of action, including strike and protests, said Utagi, adding they also opposed the amendments made in the Factories Act, the Contract Labourers Act and the Shops and Establishment Act.

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