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The Chicago White Sox reportedly drew 1.75 million people at their parade when they won the World Series in 2005, although they have always been the less popular of the two Windy City franchises.

There were apparently at least two million people at each of the Chicago Blackhawks' celebrations in 2010, 20.

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While fans of both the Cavaliers and Cubs have waited a long time for a championship, there are a lot more people in Chicago and the surrounding area.Windows RT was released to mixed reviews from various outlets and critics.Some felt that Windows RT devices had advantages over other mobile platforms (such as i OS or Android) because of its bundled software and the ability to use a wider variety of USB peripherals and accessories, but the platform was criticized for its poor software ecosystem, citing the early state of Windows Store and its incompatibility with existing Windows software, and other limitations over Windows 8.Note For most TLDs, you can extend the registration period for a domain by up to ten years after you transfer it to Amazon Route 53.For more information, see Extending the Registration Period for a Domain.

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