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Together, the stories paint a different picture of Muslim women -- with the same yearnings, dilemmas, joys and frustrations as non-Muslim women, while shattering stereotypes of Muslim women as oppressed chattel whose sexual lives are decided by men.Such candor is not the norm in Muslim American communities, and the book's two editors, Ayesha Mattu and Nura Maznavi, said they were surprised that, after casting about for submissions on list-serves, blogs, and social media sites, they got around 200 entries. I felt like women were ready to talk about these stories," said Mattu, 39, who recounts her own story about flirting with her future husband (a non-practicing Christian) in a Boston dive bar, moments after resolving to date only Muslim men.

Continue reading I learned from this article in the New York Times that Germany has been officially suppressing Mein Kampf since German government was reconstituted after World War II.

#5: Becoming Chelsea Fagan - on financial security, being a former "hot mess", betraying feminism and freaking people out by talking cash.

2012 Religion News Service (RNS) If you think good Muslim women wait for marriage to have sex, think again.

Like everyone else, I heard the William Tell Overture there. Continue reading There are narratives that are so powerful that it might feel, in the middle of one, that you are in the whitewater rapids of a swollen river.

The river (narrative) wants you to go here and you don’t want to …

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