Iphon cam sex

Looking over the top 10 paid i Phone apps list today, the list appeared pretty typical: A bunch of games, a camera app, etc.Then I noticed one called Offender Locator [i Tunes link], mostly because it has a creepy icon. It’s an app to show you registered sex offenders living around you.You can click on any of these names to get a picture of the person, their information like date of birth, height, weight, and a picture.And you can also see the specific sexual crime they were charged with.Certainly, it’s good to be aware of these people living around you — especially if they have committed acts against children, and you have children — but it’s interesting that it’s the i Phone that is making such information “popular.” The app allows you to see a list of offenders based on your current location (using the i Phone’s location services), any contact’s address, or it allows you to manually enter an address.The app then scours the database and lists the sexual offenders based on their proximity to the location you gave.While all 50 states require that sexual offenders register themselves, and allow anyone to access the information online, most people never look at it.

If you're into recording extreme sports adventures in high definition, then one of Go Pro's versatile cameras would do a great job.

The body harness that is attached to your chest can also be used to mount Mi Veu just about anywhere on your body, such as your leg or lower torso.

In addition to body harness, Mi Veu also offers a universal bracket mounting system that lets you connect the camera to any type of sports equipment such as a ski pole or your dirt bike.

Next to the standard 28mm module is a 56mm tele-lens with its own 12MP sensor, and this dual cam implementation is predominantly used for zooming.

In the camera app you can tap a zoom button to change to the 2x lens, and drag it all the way up to a 10x magnification.

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