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The gossip website's report -- running with the headline "MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian's PUBLICIST . We can't give up on anyone."Alvin Lee, however, suggested that Kardashian might not even be on Lin's radar as "Christians don't date non-Christians so there's no need to worry about the wolf tainting the pure sheep."Of the comments posted on CP's report on the dating rumors, one received overwhelming agreement from other commenters and readers. Jeremy Lin's fans, however, took the "news" with a grain of salt, finding it very unlikely that the dedicated athlete and commited Christian would have time to date someone, once her divorce from Humphries is finalized, will have been twice divorced."She thinks [Jeremy] is cute, and she's good friend's with [his teammate Carmelo Anthony's wife] La La.It's going to be a double date," a friend told the gossip site.Kim Kardashian's spokesperson has come forward denying that the reality television star has any intention of dating New York Knicks breakout point guard Jeremy Lin, but that has not stopped the athlete's fans from wondering if a meeting between the two celebrities, seemingly opposites, might not be an opportunity for evangelism. The newspaper noted that Fritzo did not comment on how the rumor might have been started. One user, commenting on The Christian Post's report, suggested that if there was any meeting between Kardashian, 31, and Lin, 23, that the basketball player could use the opportunity to witness to the controversial celebrity, who decided on a divorce from Humphries only after 72 days of marriage.Kardashian's rep, Jill Fritzo, told am New York Thursday that there was no way her client and Lin had any plans to meet."Absolutely 100% NOT true. According to gossip website Media Take Out (MTO), sources claimed that Kardashian, currently embroiled in a divorce from another NBA player, Kris Humphries, had a double date planned with Jeremy Lin, with the pair to reportedly be accompanied by fellow New York Knick Carmelo Anthony and his wife, Lala. Becky Dobyns wrote: "It's really easy to hate Kim Kardashian and look at her as the evil predator who's after good Christian Jeremy Lin, and I've seen some horrible comments about her on the internet, but I have a feeling Jesus would sit down next to her at a well, knowing all the sins she's committed, and still offer her living water rather than abuse."Since Jeremy Lin does love Jesus, maybe he can even use any 'meeting' that might occur with her as an opportunity to share about repentance and redemption.Kim Kardashian, right, arrives at the Clive Davis Pre-GRAMMY Gala Saturday in Beverly Hills. While NBA fans everywhere are going "Linsane" for the New York Knicks guard, romance rumors are starting to spread, too.

While he wasn't spotted with a "Va-LIN-tine" on Feb.

Lin was reportedly "extremely excited" for the date with the 31-year-old model, socialite and businesswoman.

Another celebrity blog, Gossip Cop, claims Kardashian's rep (the same publicist alleged to be setting up the date) denied the report.

Jeremy Lin has been a fun story to watch unfold, but if there’s one thing that could end the fun quickly, it would be to watch Kim Kardashian pretend to give a damn about him from the sidelines just to boost ratings for her garbage reality show (and yes, I can say that because I’ve watched it before).

While I’m ranting, I just want to remind everyone that we know who she is because of a sex tape with Ray-J. Back to Lin: There is no public information about Jeremy Lin’s dating history up till now.

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