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Lots of crazy things go down on Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show, and on Wednesday morning, Maria Menounos got engaged to longtime boyfriend Keven Undergaro. News personality, who visited Stern to promote her cookbook, "The Every Girl's Guide to Cooking," was chatting with the shock jock when he brought up the fact that she and Undergaro had been together for 19 years and hadn't tied the knot -- a recurring question for the couple. This is the first thing we listened to together 19 years ago in a basement on a twin mattress and I said one day you'll be on that show and you'll be a star. "The choice of color and origin of the stone adds thoughtful detail only he and Maria will know and see."Follow me on Twitter @Nardine Saad."At the end of the day, Keven and I are partners in life," the "Chasing Maria Menounos" star said. Stern handed the mic to Undergaro, who reminisced about what the two of them had been through as a couple, braving disapproval from their families because Undergaro wasn't Greek."Although I said that this isn't a proposal, I want to ask you something, Maria," Undergaro said, getting down on one knee. ," the 37-year-old gasped, asking if it was a joke."It's not a joke. "I love you so much and this show's meant so much to both of us. The designer worked with Undergaro to create the one-of-a-kind confection featuring a round, brilliant-cut center stone set in a seamless halo and surrounded by 220 brilliant-cut diamonds."Keven chose to add personal elements to the ring by including a Signature Stone hidden underneath," the jeweler told the Los Angeles Times in a statement. Menounos showed off the ring -- and her excited reaction to the big day -- on Snapchat and E! Her custom bauble was designed by French jeweler Jean Dousset.The 37-year-old TV personality is in the middle of her third book tour for — and was in for quite the surprise when Keven crashed the interview!

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Before Keven came on, Howard asked Maria whether she ever wanted to date anyone else.She was hired as a reporter for Channel One News, while she was in her senior year.Edit She joined Nancy O' Dell in guest hosting WWE Raw and that was on 12 October 2009.She said no, explaining, “At the end of the day, Keven and I are partners in life.” But, when they first began dating, Maria said her dad “was a little upset” since Keven “wasn’t Greek.” It didn’t take long for Maria’s parents—who were in another room during the interview—to embrace the love of her life.Miss Massachusetts Teen USA, Maria Menounos is an American actress, journalist, television host and occasional professional wrestler. Their relationship is based on full of trust and love.

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