Microsoft outlook connector keeps updating

You should also check the box for Make Backup Of Scanned File Before Repairing in case something goes awry.After the repair is complete, close Scanpst and re-open Outlook.We'll start with the simplest tip and increase the difficulty as we go along.Oftentimes when a client calls and says, "My email won't work!If you open your web browser and cannot reach a website or internal resources, that's most likely the problem.If Outlook still cannot connect and you cannot reach any websites or internal resources, contact your IT department because you have a networking issue. Outlook can use two types of data files (and .ost), and both are susceptible to errors that can cause connectivity problems.

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When all else fails, you can recreate your Outlook profile.

Here's how to create a new profile: If after all of these steps Outlook is still unable to connect, it's time to call the IT department.

It could be a DNS issue, an Exchange issue, or a number of other possibilities that are outside the scope of this article.

Keep in mind that the steps below are for Outlook 2016 but they shouldn't be too different from earlier versions of Outlook.

If your version of Outlook is really old (2002 or 2003), see this step-by-step, picture walk through.

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