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You can open port 123 for UDP traffic with the following arguments for iptables: When syncing one or more machines via NTP you'll want at least one of them to set their time from a reliable external server.There are many public servers out there that are either synced directly from an atomic clock (guaranteeing an absolutely accurate time), or are synced from another server that syncs to an atomic clock.Most users don't need to be accurate to the nearest millisecond, they just want to know what time it is.So unless you absolutely know you need pinpoint accuracy, use the pool servers.

NTP lets you automatically sync your system time with a remote server.Let that one server connect to an outside NTP server, then have the other machines sync to the master.The advantages of this setup are a reduced number of outgoing connections and a guarantee that all of your machines will have their time set to the exact same value.Setting up an NTP server to regularly adjust your machine's clock is pretty easy by default.It's also possible to make it a bit more complicated if you need your clock accurate down to the millisecond instead of just to the second. Grab the package by running: As is usual for Linux services, you can stop or restart the NTP service by running the above command with "stop" or "restart" sent as the argument instead of "start". When you installed NTP it set you up with some default servers to sync with.

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