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This is because in winter, the cattle were kept in open shelters made of stone called folds to protect them from the weather at night.Highland cattle were first imported into Australia by the mid-19th century by Scottish migrants such as Chieftain Areneas Ronaldson Mac Donell of Glengarry, Scotland.Sexual maturity is reached at about eighteen months.Highland cattle also have a longer expected lifespan than most other breeds of cattle, up to 20 years. They have long horns and long wavy coats that are coloured black, brindle, red, yellow, white, silver (looks white but with a black nose) or dun, and they are raised primarily for their meat.

Samuel Amess, also from Scotland, who made a fortune in the Victorian goldfields and became Mayor of Melbourne in 1869, kept a small fold of black Highland cattle on Churchill Island.

Bulls can weigh up to 800 kilograms (1,800 pounds) and cows up to 500 kilograms (1,100 pounds).

Their milk generally has a very high butterfat content, and their meat, regarded as of the highest quality, is gaining mainstream acceptance as it is lower in cholesterol than other varieties of beef.

Social standing depended on age and sex, with older cattle being dominant to calves and younger ones and males dominant to females.

Young bulls would dominate adult cows when they reached around 2 years of age.

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