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Awesome Christians User Page - Web-based user interface to IRC services.

Apogee Instruments CCD camera drivers - Driver for Apogee Instruments scientific CCD cameras. Auth DBAPI - A mod_snake plugin which allows for Apache authentication via DBAPI.

AS Macroassembler - A macro assembler for a lot of target CPUs. Aduva Manager - Linux package manager, kernel and hardware plug-and-play installer. ADJE Web Mail - Web-based email interface written in Perl for existing POP3 accounts.

Advanced Bash Scripting Guide - A comprehensive tutorial and reference on shell scripting using Bash.

afbackup - Client-server backup system Algebra DB - An experimental relational database engine in Java.

attackwatch - Near realtime blocking of hosts hitting your firewall.

Axel - A light and advanced downloader for the Unix console.admedit - A config file editor wrapper (like vipw).Arka - A graphical frontend for command-line programs.adept - Webbased learning system adevs - A C /Java library for developing discrete event simulations.ADFlib - a free, portable, open and documented implementation of the Amiga filesystem adjtimex - Command line manipulation of the kernel time-keeping variables.

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