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It may well be that London, similar to the rest of the country has a massive loophole in legislation, ironically, the loophole would also appear be in the new Northern Ireland (Taxis) act.So much for the cry of “there is no substitute for modern legislation”.We were reminded in both the Daily Mirror and Guardian newspapers that Addison Lee vehicles flouted the M4 bus lane restriction on over 200 occasions before the CPS dropped the prosecutions in October 2010, the government had by then closed the M4 bus lane.Addison Lee and John Griffin were summarily kicked about like a political football, the company further revealed it had similarly met with Maria Eagle, Louise Ellman (Labour chair of the commons transport select committee), and Caroline Pigeon (Liberal Democrat chairwoman of the Greater London Authority).There have been numerous instances of ‘patsies’ being put on private hire operators licenses over the years, the outcome is the company still runs and the people truly running them are not on the license.In law I would suggest Addison Lee would very probably have a ‘Vicarious Liability’.Just outside Beverley’s North Bar stands a riotously decorated black-and-white revival house 4-6 North Bar Without, loaded with dormers and turrets, statues, mottoes and coats of arms, and two endearing carved caricatures of Gladstone and Disraeli, dating 1890.

In terms of cash given to political parties, Griffin’s £250K over 3 years is dwarfed in comparison to Unite the Union, who have met all manner of politicians well before Griffin even started giving his money in 2008.Of course, expecting Df T officials to keep notes about why they had meetings maybe too much of a task, certainly some of the meetings they attend had minutes taken by the host organisations.Maybe if the cab trade and private hire trade are to continue to meet with the Df T then this needs to change.Okay, that’s a lot of money – but it isn’t Premier League (to quote that Tory gobsh*te).Of course, the letter included the obligatory doctrine of ignorance, in calling Addison Lee a ‘taxi’ firm when they most certainly are not, as we wrote last month, the doctrine is par for the course with ignorant MP’s who don’t particularly care.

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