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However, instead of searching for the girls, Mitsune takes Motoko along the old Tokyo to Kyoto road, sampling cuisines along the way; cuisines like fish cakes in Odawara, eel dishes in Hamanako, and miso cutlets at Nagoya, using Motoko's Shinmei-ryu abilities to hold street performances to gather funds before finally arriving at Kyoto where they reunite with Shinobu and Kaolla.With Mitsune having used up all of her funds, they use Shinobu's savings to track down Keitaro and Naru at Okinawa and bring them back to Hinata House.A bit of a tomboy in her school years, Mitsune and Naru Narusegawa have been friends since back in grade school and it was by her invitation that Naru moved into the Hinata House.Despite appearances, Mitsune does possess a romantic side and secretly yearns for her "true love" to come, supporting Naru and Keitaro's relationship in the mean time.She also couldn't get a boyfriend of her own, largely due to being perceived as too "high strung"; however, her attitude that boyfriends should be used and exploited probably also played a part.When Naru's parents hired a private tutor for their daughter, Mitsune also fell for him and was angered when he suddenly left them without notice.Making their way to the island, Mitsune, Motoko and Mutsumi attempt to hitchhike, however, after dressing Motoko in a Leaf Bikini and flashing her breasts to random drivers, causing them to crash, the trio hire some ostriches and attempt to ride them through the desert, however, they soon lose their mounts and are forced to traverse the desert on foot, meeting and regrouping with Shinobu, Kaolla and Sarah in the process.While camping on a river embankment, the girls aggravate a tribe of Hot Springs Turtles and are chased down the river to where they chance upon the oasis that Naru and Keitaro were sheltering within.

Enlisting the help of the other dormitory residents, she barely manages to keep the two from meeting, however, Naru runs into Seta later during the applications for the university exams and, after overhearing Keitaro offering Naru his help in her confessing her crush, Mitsune also offers Naru her support; however, their efforts are completely wasted on the clueless Seta.

When Keitaro Urashima arrives at the Hinata Dormitory, believing he is a Tokyo University student and since he was the grandson of the owner of Hinata House, Mitsune believed that he must be rich and attempted to charm him to become his girlfriend.

However, the intrusion of the other Hinata girls stopped her.

After Keitaro and Naru embarked on a soul searching trip to Kyoto, Shinobu and Kaolla went after them, leaving a note behind to tell Motoko and Mitsune where they went.

Desiring to also go on a trip, Mitsune takes Motoko on the premise of bringing the two younger girls back.

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