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This app will appeal to singles, as well as to people who are in a committed, long-term relationship.You can also send the app as a gift to another person, right from within the app.

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And while virtual-reality headsets haven’t yet hit the mainstream, Lovense and Virtual Real Porn hope their collaborative stroke of genius can thrust VR into the spotlight.[We should note that most links in this story are varying degrees of NSFW.]The trick involves using a Bluetooth dongle, specially coded VR videos, and Lovense's Max and Nora sex toys to make the toys' vibrations and rotations sync with the VR action seen in your headset.

Whether you are looking for men or women, this app can help you get laid.

If you want to spice up your sex life, Cosmo’s guide to new and exciting sex positions can introduce something fresh into your relationship.

The idea is to make you feel exactly what you're seeing—in real-time and in all the right places.

According to Lovense, the girthier portion of its rabbit-style Nora toy will vibrate to match the speed of male performers in Virtual Real Porn videos, while the smaller arm will buzz “every time the performers' bodies collide.” Likewise, its Fleshlight-like Max toy will use air pumps to contract in accordance with the female performer’s alacrity, and the whole device will vibrate when... This delicate dance between hardware and video certainly promises a deeper level of immersion. It's quite a lot of gear for something that, for most people, remains an analog exercise.

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