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Alison Arnold, Baio visits some of his old girlfriends over an eight-week period in an attempt to figure out why he can't commit to one woman. Arnold's plan includes Baio apologizing to the exes he hurt and advises him to not see his current girlfriend, Renee, during the eight-week period.The series also features Baio's three closest friends, including Johnny Venocur (aka "Johnny V") and Jason Hervey (who also created, writes, and produces the show with Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment's Eric Bischoff).The crew includes several writers, including Bischoff, who held key positions within the WCW (president; head writer; executive producer) and WWE (on-air talent; co-writer) professional wrestling companies.

In the same interview he confessed that Heather Locklear was the greatest lover he has ever had, hands down.co-star Erin, who mocked the size of his penis in an angry Facebook post this week. True story.”Moran was enraged at Baio after the former child star said during a radio interview about Erin, “My thing is, I feel bad because her whole life, she was troubled, could never find what made her happy and content.He wrote that his sister dumped Baio because, “you were more like a little girl and not a man…She told me that you were tiny. For me, you do drugs or drink, you’re gonna die.”It subsequently was announced by officials that Moran had died of cancer complications, which prompted Moran’s brother to lash out with his disses about Baio’s alleged lack of stature in the trouser department.Howard asked Scott how long he waited to have sex with famous women, and Scott revealed that he waited a month with Pam, Nicolette Sheridan, and Heather Locklear.Artie laughed and asked Scott how many girls he's shared with Tommy Lee.

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